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Why There is no proper history for Rawthers

I tried my best to find the history of rawther community with my limited historical reach. on July 2018, i traveled through all tamil muslim strong holds. From tenkashi to nagoor, took me 4 days to complete my journey. 

What i found was, most of the people don't care their history. some people identified the name as old elite class. Rawthers build masjid, educational institutions and many more. After the Dravidian movement, people are afraid to use such names. people mostly change there community to lebbay (have communal reservation).

on the whole i found some information

1. Rawthers have some central asian ancestry mostly turks and they were experts in horses and no connection with arabs.

2. rawther is an elite surname on precolonial period. once they concentrated on trade, they become rich. once east india company arrived, they loose there business. and that affect there economical status also.

3. people with great history will be difficult to destroy. British completely destro…

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